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Support - Caden Radio Ltd
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Caden Radio provides full support on the entire range of Two Way Radio communication devices. If you have a problem or require advice, please dont hesitate to contact our sales department on: 0845 338 7177.


  • What do you mean by two-way radio?

    A two-way radio is a radio that transmits and receives radio signals. A walkie talkie is what most people who aren't in the industry would call the items we offer.

  • How far will my radio talk?

    Well, that all depends. One portable (hand held) radio trying to speak directly to another will probably talk about 1 mile depending on terrain and weather. A mobile can talk 2 to 7 miles depending on the same variables. A system including a repeater can probably talk 5 to 15 miles. A trunked system can talk much further (please enquire).

  • What is the advantage of two way radios over mobile phones?

    Instant communications. For safety, security, efficiency and financial reasons, two-way radio is the single, most widely used communications solutions.

  • If I hire radios from you, do I need a frequency licence?

    No, the frequencies you will be operating on (if they are not your own, or one owned by a company you are hiring for) will be digitally coded frequencies that are secured for your specific purpose and will not interfere with frequencies assigned to other customers.

  • What if I will be using the radio inside - will they still work?

    Yes, in most indoor applications, we hire UHF radios, which can penetrate concrete and steel walls and floors relatively well. In some cases we do need to install a repeater for greater penetration, but in any case, we will do everything we can to make sure you have the coverage you need.

  • Will other people be able to hear what I say on the radio?

    Maybe. While the radios you hire have privately coded frequencies, this does not mean that no one can pick up your transmissions. It does, however, mean that it is extremely unlikely that you will hear anyone else.

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Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, Entel, We have all the two way radios you need.


Caden Radio offer many different services when it comes to your two way radio.

Two Way Radio Hire

From £10 per radio per week. Submit your details within our online form for a competive quotation. All prices negotiable based on quantity.


Caden Radio Ltd work in partnership with local authorities and the police so that you have the best possible service from your radios scheme.


Foretracks live GPS vehicle tracking systems, provides you with total, around the clock visibility of your mobile workforce.


After a specific model? Need a question answering?

Click here to send your enquiry to a member of our support team.