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Caden Radio Ltd work in partnership with local authorities and the police so that you have the best possible service from your scheme.

Working with local authorities and the police, Caden Radio are considered to be one of the leading experts in the field of business, shop and pubwatch schemes within the North West. We have been able to create a bespoke system; tailor made to all business staff and security personnel who are charged with crime prevention matters within our towns and cities.

These systems assist members of the scheme with the immediate up-to-date information sharing that is required of each organisation. Passing of information about suspect activity and criminals not only alerts other radio users but also alerts the police to their presence.

All radio schemes are a sound investment to any member in terms of crime prevention. Radio is faster and smarter and can also incorporate lone worker technology along with a 'personal attack' button facility.

The purposes of such schemes are to provide an early warning to all radio users and advise of any criminal activity that could be a threat to your business. This gives each member another tool to fight crime and antisocial behaviour.

Each radio user can be alerted by another and be prepared to keep a watchful eye on any undesirable elements that have designs on causing trouble. Backed by the local authority and the police, these radio schemes have proven to reduce crime in towns and cities.


Managing Director - Security

“My company provides security to high profile and celebrity families and to event companies both in the UK and Europe. Since my first contact with Caden Radio a few years ago, when I received a very competitive quote for radios, ear pieces and chargers, I have found them to be extremely helpful, courteous, prompt and above all efficient at what they do. This company has gone out of its way to help me obtain extra radios for a project and takes all the worry out of the logistics of ordering new equipment. The equipment they provide is always in top condition and ready for purpose. I will not use any other company for my communications requirements and would recommend Caden Radio to anyone looking for quality and service”.

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Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, Entel, We have all the two way radios you need.


Caden Radio offer many different services when it comes to your two way radio.

Two Way Radio Hire

From £10 per radio per week. Submit your details within our online form for a competive quotation. All prices negotiable based on quantity.


Caden Radio Ltd work in partnership with local authorities and the police so that you have the best possible service from your radios scheme.


Foretracks live GPS vehicle tracking systems, provides you with total, around the clock visibility of your mobile workforce.


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