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Rental - Two-Way Portable Radio Hire
From £10 per week

Please submit your details below for a competitive quotation.
All prices are negotiable based on quantity.

How it works?
Caden Radio operate an extensive of fleet of two way hand portable radios nationwide. Whether you are looking for short or long term hire, we will guide you through the benefits of hiring equipment and if necessary liase with Ofcom to apply for a licence on your behalf. All hire contracts are at a fixed cost whether it be weekly, monthly or an annual conctract. Maintenance of equipment is also included i.e. should the battery, charger or radio fail due do wear and tear the item would be replaced. The only thing that is not covered under maintenance is physical damage. When hiring equipment we can discuss the best option in regard to the licence as to whether you already have your own licence, or wish to apply for one, or alternatively use our licence. If you are thinking of hiring two way radios for any purpose please call us to discuss, we will have pleasure in guiding you through the procedure.

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Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, Entel, We have all the two way radios you need.


Caden Radio offer many different services when it comes to your two way radio.

Two Way Radio Hire

From £10 per radio per week. Submit your details within our online form for a competive quotation. All prices negotiable based on quantity.


Caden Radio Ltd work in partnership with local authorities and the police so that you have the best possible service from your radios scheme.


Foretracks live GPS vehicle tracking systems, provides you with total, around the clock visibility of your mobile workforce.


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